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Frequently Asked Questions.....

Q.  What kind of a gun should I buy?

A.  First determine your need.  Will it be a carry gun or a home defense gun?  Then shoot everything you can to see what you like and more importantly you can hit the target with.  Don't buy what a magazine or someone else tells you to buy.  I have 12 loaners pistols in popular models and many shooters leave with a different one in mind by the end of the training.

Q.  Okay, but what you recommend?  (usually the next question)

A.  With the last question in mind, here are some places to start....  My personal favorite carry guns, Walther PPS Classic or M2, Glock 43, Shield 9mm, Ruger LC9s Pro, or S&W Bodyguard in .380.  Home defense handguns, any high capacity 9mm with a rail to mount a flashlight that you find is reliable and you can hit the target with.  I like the Gen 5 Glock 17 and 19, HK VP9, and Walther PPQ.  Notice they are all ambidextrous, something I think is important if one of your arms is injured.

Q.  What kind of guns do you repair?

A.  I have been repairing firearms for many years.  I can work on just about anything and can usually get firearms back to customers in one week.  I have been factory trained by Glock, Sig, Remington, HK, and Smith and Wesson.  I have also taken classes on over and under and side by side shotgun repair.  I have also helped many people select parts and assist in AR builds when asked.  My most frequent repair is a semi auto hunting shotgun that needs some help to get back into action.